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The ICSWG brings together different investment consulting firms with their own stakeholders, client bases and organisational priorities. As such, strong governance and transparency are essential. The members of the ICSWG work together through a Steering Committee and a series of Workstreams, operating under a clear set of rules.

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Competition Statement

As a collaboration between competing firms, it is essential that the group conducts itself in accordance with the letter and spirit of UK competition law.

The ICSWG project is governed by an agreed process in order to ensure that this takes place. All participants are asked to adhere to a strict set of ground rules when participating in any meeting or communications prompted by the ICSWG.

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The ICSWG’s governing body is a Steering Committee which meets periodically throughout the year and includes one representative from each member firm. This committee is ultimately responsible for all ICSWG output.

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In order to develop new ideas and progress activities on a day-to-day basis, the ICSWG includes a number of Workstreams which are overseen and guided by the Steering Committee. Each member firm participates in at least one workstream, ensuring diversity of thought on each subject.

Board Meeting


Identifying barriers to sustainable investment and helping asset owners to overcome them, with an initial focus on supporting smaller UK-based institutions. Articulating minimum standards that asset owners should expect from investment consultants.

In a Meeting


Formulating unified expectations and guidance for asset managers across ESG Integration, Climate Change, Stewardship, Diversity & Inclusion, Reporting and Industry Collaborations. Helping managers focus their attention and resources.



Providing input as a group to key regulators. Strengthening relationships between regulators and UK investment consultants.

Green Farm


Driving better stewardship, improving quality and transparency. Developing tools to help bring greater efficiency and consistency to stewardship reporting. Helping asset owners to understand effective stewardship from asset managers.

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Supporting asset managers in developing credible impact products that align with investors’ impact goals. Providing guidance for impact funds and identifying gaps in the product spectrum.

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Ensuring that the collective voice of the ICSWG is used effectively with consistent, high quality communication. Promoting the key principle of transparency within and outside the group.

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